About Us


In January of 2007, I headed to Chicago, IL for US Navy Boot Camp where months later I would leave and head out to become a Corpsman. It was that first day when I realized sleep would never be the same. I was right, it never was again. But through my service I learned you can sleep anywhere. 

After being honorably discharged, we launched Nomad Beds as a way to create jobs and ship a mattress that helps everyone get a good night's sleep . We started off by finding high-quality and the perfect coverfoam that was high quality, the perfect cover in North Carolina and Mississippi. Ensuring that each part of the mattress is made in the U.S. is important to us. Our manufacturing partner is Veteran owned and employs a high number of Veterans! Ultimately, the goal is to give you a great product and give back to the military. For every 10 mattresses we sell, we donate a mattress to a Veteran in need or the monetary value to an approved Veteran Non-profit here.



Nomad Beds